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Jules Chaz - 'Topings...' [CD]

Jules Chaz



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Hip Hop purists, make room in your crates under baroque/blunted beats for Jules Chaz. After playing in various bands around British Columbia, working with internationally respected Hip Hop artists and supporting the celebrated Cobblestone Jazz crew over the last 15 years, one of Canada's hardest working and most talented DJs, musicians and producers has finally stepped up to release an album under his own name.

Making up for lost time, Jules Chaz's eagerly-anticipated debut Toppings on Wagon Repair features 21 tracks of fuzzy downtempo bliss, punctuated by finely sliced and diced snippets of Hall and Oates, Julee Cruise ("Blak Lodge"), reggae and bangra ("Saysumthin") samples, with cameos by Cobblestone keyboardist Danuel Tate ("Yes I Do") and fire-spittin' emcee Ishkan ("Could Happen"). Handcrafted at home, while his five year-old son slept, and at a decked-out studio he shares with Tate, the album represents Chaz's favorite work from the last few years, what he considers to be the jazz of today.

Although early support for Jules' productions has come from king-making internationalist Gilles Peterson and Hip Hop innovator Moka Only, the most significant support naturally comes from Wagon Repair, a record label better known for its quirky techno. The shift towards Hip Hop testifies to their confidence in Jules Chaz. After all, the man has created over 300 tracks to date and his prolific output shows no sign of waning.
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