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June Marx - 'Body Of God' [CD]
June Marx - 'Body Of God' [CD]
June Marx - 'Body Of God' [CD]
June Marx - 'Body Of God' [CD]

June Marx

Body Of God


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In the month of June, a marksman was born.

June Marx possesses lyrical prowess and with full production credit on three prior releases under his belt (Dark Alliance, Covert Operative, and Word Supremacy), proves to be a competent producer in this day and time.

This critically acclaimed half of Twin Perils, is breaking through with his long awaited solo debutentitled "Body Of God" which contains 12 self produced hard hitting tracks. This project has featured guest appearances from Godilla (Jaguar Paw) and the Lone Ninja.

Body of god is a multi-dimensional album that taps into various moods and subjects. The wait is over, the marxman is here...
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