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Junk Science - 'Pop Rocks/ That's The Way (Remix)/ Do It Easy/ Two Minutes Hate' [(Colored) 12" Vinyl Single]

Junk Science

Pop Rocks/ That's The Way (Remix)/ Do It Easy/ Two Minutes Hate

Colored Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record

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Junk Science is back with the lead 12" from their upcoming (and as-yet-untitled) sophomore release. This time around, the junkmen bring their own special hip hop alchemy straight to the party, along with plenty of soda and witty observations, on the A-side "Pop Rocks." On the B-side "Do it Easy," Snafu slows it down (well, sort of) as Baje One walks you through a hectic day in the life of a broke-ass rapper trying to keep his head straight. This jam-packed, limited edition PINK vinyl release also includes a neverbefore- heard version of "That's The Way" from Junk Science's debut album Feeding Einstein, remixed by fellow Nuclear Family member N.E.M.C. And to top it all off, Baje brushes off his shit-talking shoes and gets straight to business on the exclusive and funny "2 Minutes Hate."
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