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Jus-P - 'Supafriendz 2' [CD]


Supafriendz 2


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Jus-P is the "underboss" of the legendary Queens, NY crew known as Shadow Clan. Over the last few years he has made appearances on Chambermusik releases from Warcloud/Holocaust, Solomon Childs, GClef da Mad Komposa among others, and has been making his name in the underground hip-hop market. Chambermusik presented this young Hip-Hop solider to the world on this street album entitled "Jus-P and the Supafriendz" which serves to document some of the various artists he has met along his travels in Hip-Hop. Jus-P has since collected quite a few collaborations since then, primarily with Wu-Tang affiliate Solomon Childs. On this second excursion, we find him allied with the likes of Hell Razah, Merc Versus, Anthai tha Protagonist, Eff Yoo, G.S. Advance (Shadow Clan), KRS-One, Darkskinned Assassin, Dungeon Masta, Godilla, Spit Gemz, Crisis (Black Knights). and others. Production comes from G.S. Advance, Bigz from Shadow Clan, Rediculous, Rawgitt Sunn, Dray Yard, & Skarekrow. Additional mixing and mastering were done by G-Clef da Mad Komposa. Ride through Queens with this young soldier of the Zulu Nation as he brings you "back" to a feel that will invoke the "true school" of the early nineties, but at the same time, perhaps the most original new movement in Hip-Hop today.
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