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<!--020091110019318-->Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine - 'Juxtapoz Photo' [Book]
<!--020091110019318-->Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine - 'Juxtapoz Photo' [Book]
<!--020091110019318-->Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine - 'Juxtapoz Photo' [Book]
<!--020091110019318-->Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine - 'Juxtapoz Photo' [Book]

Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine

Juxtapoz Photo


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  • Nov 10, 2009
  • 216
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  • 9781584233626
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  • Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine
Once a year, the Juxtapoz Magazine photo issue is released to eagerly awaiting fans of bleeding-edge photography. For the first time, Juxtapoz Photography pulls together in one volume the featured artists who since 1994 have been redefining a new movement of art and culture through provocative lenswork, groundbreaking camera angles, intense and often irreverent subject matter, moody and vibrant colors, and intimate portraiture.

Juxtapoz Photo showcases a diverse group of current photographers, both established and up and coming, with a mix of personal and documentary images. The photos are eclectic in style and subject - from portraits of celebrities and anonymous people, to snapshots from travels abroad and intimate moments captured on film - but all photos are united by the Juxtapoz stamp of intriguing freshness and outsider perspectives.

Contributors include Corey Arnold, Estevan Oriol, Alex Prager, Angela Boatwright, Dylan Maddux, Sam Bassett, Ye Rin Mok, Jesse Pollock, Heather Culp, Andy Mueller and many more.

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