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J.Walker - 'Ambitions Of A Writer' [CD]
J.Walker - 'Ambitions Of A Writer' [CD]
J.Walker - 'Ambitions Of A Writer' [CD]
J.Walker - 'Ambitions Of A Writer' [CD]


Ambitions Of A Writer


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From the overly lyrical, syllable counting, metaphor making, wordplay creating, mind of J.Walker comes the highly anticipated album ""Ambitions of a Writer". A 10 track opus, it's hip-hop, it's spoken word, it's real and it's raw... this is "Grown Up Rap". After years of helping others write and heal, J.Walker, aka "The Rhymecologist", gives listeners a window into his life, love and lyrics.

J.Walker is a lyricist and a counselor, an emcee and a teacher and an author and healer. J.Walker created Rhymecology® to use the power of hip-hop lyrics and culture to help people express, discover and create themselves. He has created three studio albums and his book "Rhymecology: The Art of Hip-Hop Lyrics" has been called "mandatory for any up and coming lyricist." J.Walker gives workshops and performances across the country on the art of rhyming, as well as one-on-one coaching for artists.

J.Walker's music has been featured on 60 Minutes Australia, he has performed on the same stage with the likes of Canibus, Sage Francis & Lyrics Born and is the "Resident Poet" of The Loose Cannons Show on Fox Sports Radio where he creates "on the spot" rhymes and delivers them nationwide.
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