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K-Def - 'The Exhibit' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
K-Def - 'The Exhibit' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
K-Def - 'The Exhibit' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
K-Def - 'The Exhibit' [(Black) Vinyl LP]


The Exhibit

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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Fresh off the success of his "One Man Band" album, legendary hip-hop producer K-Def is back in record time with another quality release called The Exhibit. This time, the New Jersey native included 11 instrumental arrangements alongside two vocal cuts that feature MCs Blu, Quartermaine (Kev Brown, Low Budget Records) and Seven Shawn (of World Renown). Listening to The Exhibit is sorta like walking through an art gallery or museum; some of what you hear might be open to interpretation while other pieces may or may not be exactly what they seem at first glance. The Exhibit is not a concept album and does not have a running theme throughout, instead it's simply a collection of great art that further solidifies K-Def's reputation as an expert audio engineer and an exciting producer/ arranger.
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