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Ka - 'Grief Pedigree' [CD]
Ka - 'Grief Pedigree' [CD]
Ka - 'Grief Pedigree' [CD]
Ka - 'Grief Pedigree' [CD]


Grief Pedigree


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"I've been rhyming for over 20 years and appreciate any hip hop fan who respects lyrics. I already know my songs are not for everyone. They're not for the radio, the club or the masses. My music is for those who miss early '90s hip hop when pain and struggle were the dominant themes. From my days with Natural Elements, then Nightbreed, I've always tried to remain true to what I believe is the real spirit of hip hop. If you're going to rhyme, you should have something relevant and unique to say. I decided a long time ago that I would make music for the love of it. If you can make money from art, that's a beautiful thing. But money shouldn't be the reason you make art. You make art because you can't help it. I can honestly say there's not a day that goes by that lines don't come to me. My words are an extension of who I am and I was never willing to compromise that for anyone. Guess it's just that stubborn Brownsville knucklehead in me that could never let some A&R cat tell me how to rhyme!"
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