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Kam - 'Kamnesia' [CD]
Kam - 'Kamnesia' [CD]
Kam - 'Kamnesia' [CD]
Kam - 'Kamnesia' [CD]




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Kam is about consciousness, lyrical content. Kamnesia is a good effort, a true classic. The title track is one of the most solid songs, where Kam makes sure the new generation does not forget about his accomplishments. Another dope track is "Have a fit", which has that slow, west coast bounce. Also look out for "Godbrotha", which depicts Kam's concern for the quality of rap music. The most original song has to be "wardance" because of the African sung chorus and gloomy, threatening lyrics. I have always liked Kam's cool and monotonous delivery. Even more, I have appreciated his strong opinions and messages in music. Some times he reminds of Paris. Kamnesia proves that he not his good sides. Therefore, I can live with a less convincing posse cut like," they like that" on this album. Kamnesia proves Kam's maturity. Obviously, he has been through a lot. In life and music wise. But it never gets too gangster or incredible. This album is worth buying. Expect originality, west coast funk, hard hitting lines and credibility.
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