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Keepintime: A Live Recording


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Keepintime started as a simple idea, let's bring some of the most revered and notable L.A. session drummers together for a photo shoot. Then have them talk about the famous (to us) recordings that we (those whose ears have been opened through hip-hop) treasure, sample and discuss endlessly.
The musicians (Roy Porter, Earl Palmer, Paul Humphrey and James Gadson) were excited at the prospect of sitting together and discussing old times, old friends and the business. The first problem we encountered though was that to our ears the famous sessions were in fact often beyond the reach of our musician's memory.
Memory can be an elusive fish. Simply put, the records we were most excited about were not hits. Sometimes they barely made a dent commercially and when one considers that Earl, Paul and James have recorded an album a day, five a week for years on end, it is not surprising that the elusive fish remains so.
Babu, J.Rocc and Cut Chemist are fishermen of the elusive. Cumulatively, they have a half-century of beat shopping experience. Similarly, they are the best turntablists in the City of Angels. As a result they would be the best way to snatch up those almost lost glimpses of music and represent them to their creators, that was the moment when we knew we had a film.
The puzzled smiles of Paul Humphrey and Earl Palmer speak multitudes on the perceived gap that exists between the musicians of today and their forefathers. However, lest we forget these men were progressive risk takers in their respective professions and a few turntables weren't going to get in the way of a good conversation.
"I don't know anything about that jigga jigga stuff - you play that and I'll play this..."
- Paul Humphrey, 2000
And then the conversation started - like a bridge built of air. The premier of the original film put fifteen hundred people in the streets of downtown L.A. - the club only held four hundred but many waited outside in the cold just to hear what was going to happen. The result was legendary, the cast of the film played completely improvised music for almost an hour and a half to a sweat drenched multi-generational crowd. Somehow at this point those of us involved in the film knew that the journey was just beginning.
The film took off on its own, being appreciated in film festivals on every continent. DJ Shadow, who had edited and created music for the film, made "Keepintime" the intoduction of his critically acclaimed multi-media show in support of "The Private Press" album. As a result, one hundred thousand people saw it as part of his show.
Locally, we did four hugely successful screenings/shows. The pinnacle of this was the Getty show in July of 2002. Five thousand people crammed into the main courtyard of the museum to see the improvised session - now with new members Derf Reklaw and Numark. The Getty off-ramp of the 405 freeway (the busiest freeway in the U.S.) had to be closed because so many people tried to get in. The bridges in the air were becoming retrofitted - a human fault line was being re-examined.
This seismic report is the DVD. "Keepintime: Talking Drums and Whispering Vinyl" was always a trailer, somehow. "Keepintime: A Live Recording" is the DVD - on December 29th, 2002, almost two years after the original session in a photo studio - eleven hundred people were fortunate enough to witness a beautiful homecoming of sorts for LA music. The historic El Rey Theatre was filled beyond capacity to witness the unrehearsed masterpiece that was to unfold. That night along with the original cast, we added Derf, Numark, Shortkut and Madlib and they played this new music for two hours uninterrupted, save for the rapturous applause.
Bonus Remix CD:
Keepintime is commited to new music. In this spirit they decided to have some friends take the audio seperates used in the making of the film and remix them. Basically everybody got a different ten minutes of the two-hour show. This CD is ordered sequentially, however there are a few ten-minute sections that didn't get remixed, due to some of our oversubscribed remixers being unable to make the deadline. However they did a series of 12-inches, each of which has an exclusive not included on the original CD. You will be amazed at the diversity of approaches used and the depth of talent displayed in the following tracks. CD only available with DVD.
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