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Keith Kenniff - 'The Last Survivor (The Original Score)' [CD]
Keith Kenniff - 'The Last Survivor (The Original Score)' [CD]
Keith Kenniff - 'The Last Survivor (The Original Score)' [CD]
Keith Kenniff - 'The Last Survivor (The Original Score)' [CD]

Keith Kenniff

The Last Survivor (The Original Score)


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The Last Survivor is a character-based, feature-length documentary film that follows the lives of survivors of four different genocides - The Holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur, and Congo - as we witness their struggle to make sense of tragedy by working to educate, motivate and promulgate a civic response to mass atrocity crimes.

Portland-based composer Keith Kenniff (sometimes known under both his Helios and Goldmund monikers) teamed up with directors Michael Kleiman and Michael Pertnoy to create a score that would follow the four main characters through their own uniquely personal tragedies and triumphs. The music itself acts an extension of the characters' inward journey as they deal with death, redemption and new beginnings. Employing a wide range of sounds and instrumentation, the pieces range from achingly beautiful piano-led compositions to ambient string passages and haunting synth drones as Kenniff creates a score that is as contemplative and diverse as the characters and their experiences.

Keith Kenniff's music has been featured on programs for NPR, the BBC, and can be heard ina number of documentaries and films, including celebrated indie filmmker Harmony Korine's film 'Mister Lonely' and a trailer for the 2009 film "Revolutionary Road" by Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes. Keith also composes music for television commercials such as Honda, MTV, Canon, Deutsche Telekom, American Express, Audi, Levi's O2, Vinamilk, and Christie's. Since 2003 Keith has released music under the monikers Helios, Goldmund, and Mint Julep for which he has collectively released thirteen albums and performed extensively throughout the US, Europe, Japan and Canada.
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