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Kid America Club & Bandy - 'Revenge Of The Clubhouse' [CD]

Kid America Club & Bandy

Revenge Of The Clubhouse


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Disgruntled Youth got nothin' on these guys. The Kid America Club came out of the Eleventh Street Turf Wars that went kaput in 1999 (that's when they got kicked out of their fancy loft apartment). As a gang they really didn't have much direction. Not one of them could fight or would fight, seeing as they're all cowards. They prefered to argue with each other and make fun of people at comic book conventions. This led to their gig on public access television. The Kid America Adventure Hour ran from 2001 till 2004, on various "inbetween channels" that Time Warner donates to the public domain. But the band never understood that they weren't on network tv. Infighting led to a rift between actors. Some new characters joined, others fell by the wayside. Graphic Content got them thrown off the air. In 2005 the band chose a new course of action. Rap. The fact that the members in the group are a bunch of puppets and junkies shouldn't deter you from listening to their music. A squad that can get 13 MC's deep (as on The Kid America Club Theme) is pretty amazing, especially when not one of them can "really" rap.
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