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<!--020070101019610-->King Kong - 'We Didn't Invent Anything' [Book]
<!--020070101019610-->King Kong - 'We Didn't Invent Anything' [Book]
<!--020070101019610-->King Kong - 'We Didn't Invent Anything' [Book]
<!--020070101019610-->King Kong - 'We Didn't Invent Anything' [Book]

King Kong

We Didn't Invent Anything


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  • Jan 01, 2007
  • 96
  • 6.75" X 9.5"
  • 9788888493138
  • DO138BK
  • 11.5 oz
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  • Drago Arts & Communication
  • King Kong
Drago's 36 Chambers Series - Each volume represents a metaphoric room for signature artists of the international independent art scene to express themselves in work which combines tradition and experimentation. Books in The 36 Chambers Series are B&W, with one further color of the artist's choice.

King Kong is the name of a creative collective, formed by a group of people who were drawn to the homonym shop in Milan at the beginning of the new millennium. The King Kong philosophy is "Do It Yourself": fanzines, clothes, publications, photography, art shows, events, and music. The founders of the project are Federico Sarica and Ivano Atzori, who in 2005 decided to close the shop to try new experiences and spread the idea of KK in a wider audience. Federico Sarica (co founder of King Kong) is the associate editor of Vice magazine in Italy and he collaborates with Rodeo, The End and Rolling Stone (Italy) Ivano Atzori has been a pioneer of a certain approach to writing in Italy and, now, is an artist internationally acknowledged.

For the book KK decided to curate and coordinate the work of the most creative minds around. They asked these artist to summarize in 96 pages how their different paths and approaches related on a singular street known as art. The intersection of illustrations, photography, and thoughts made aloud on the meaning of acting now and together; of conceiving a project, writing and making it. Immediately. No matter if failing and restarting from the beginning. So, the core concept is the work in progress itself, And the philosophy is: "When there is a picture that you like, don't leave it in a drawer. Publish it: if you like it, someone else will too". Don't wait for anybody finding you. Why shall you wait?