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Klaus Layer - 'The Adventures Of Captain Crook' [(Picture Disc) Vinyl LP]

Klaus Layer

The Adventures Of Captain Crook

Picture Disc Vinyl Re-Issue

Vinyl LP Record

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Germany's KLAUS LAYER (aka Captain Crook) is a prime example of the universal language of Hip-Hop; 4,000 miles away from the city and culture that birthed the genre yet magnetically attuned to its spirit. His approach to sample-plundering and beatmaking is one that is both familiar and unorthodox. With a prodigious grasp on the tough East Coast sound, Klaus' mind wanders a landscape filled with echoes of vintage cinema, psychedelia and surrealist art as his hands remain in the present intuitively working it all through the sampler. These elements give rise to the deliberate and incidental aesthetics that are truly unique to his production, and will take you to the edge and back of what you thought Hip-Hop could sound like.

The Adventures of Captain Crook is a deep instrumental album, full of beautiful melodies, expertly chopped samples and heavy, heavy percussion. It's one of those special albums that only seems to get better and reveal new layers with each listen. While the album is mostly instrumental, Los Angeles own Blu shows up on not one but two bonus tracks.
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