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Kode9 - 'You Don't Wash' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]


You Don't Wash

Black Vinyl Import

12" Vinyl Single Record

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'You Don't Wash' traverses this latter vein of his strategic rhythm, aiming itself squarely at the dancefloor. Coming in two versions, a vocal version featuring The Spaceape and a dub version (which appears on the mix). From the off it jumps with personality, the 4x4 kick drum pulse shuffling itself a touch to create a bombastic groove that is peppered with glassy hi hats and steel drum like xylophonics. It's not that obvious that it's a Kode9 production until the thick chords appear around the two minute mark, careering into earshot suddenly, elevating the atmosphere and sporadic ascending bass snatches perfectly.

ed with nuances and a bracing groove 'You Don't Wash' benefits a touch from The Spaceape's phrases, almost every one is coated by Kode9 in layers of delayed decay, sprawling his deep tones on into the depths, but the dub version loses none of its potency without them. Both versions are a unique insight into the mindset of the producer and given its summertime release date, the vitality and soca flourishes of its drum pattern it seems destined to mark a new territory for dancefloors, providing something light and vehemently danceable for the dark underbelly of bass music.
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