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Kong - 'Shackles Off' [CD]
Kong - 'Shackles Off' [CD]
Kong - 'Shackles Off' [CD]
Kong - 'Shackles Off' [CD]


Shackles Off


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Classified Recordings has teamed up with KONG (aka KONGCRETE) from The Monsta Island Czars to release his long-awaited debut LP, the aptly-titled Shackles Off. The album features outstanding cinematic production courtesy of Blastah Beatz and fellow Monsta Island Czar Meccagodzilla aka Ravage. Lyrical devastation can be pinned on Ikon, 5th, along with M.I.C.'s Spiega, Megalon aka Tommy Gunn, Meccagodzilla aka Ravage, Monsta X, MF GRIMM aka Jet Jaguar, and Gabarah aka junclassic. KONG began his lyrical onslaught on MF DOOM's 1998 classic Operation: DOOMSDAY and continued to baffle listeners with blistering cadences and complex metaphors on 2003's well-received Escape From Monsta Island album. Start to finish, Shackles Off is filled with science fiction themes, alliterative rhymes and an overabundance of unlikely imagery juxtaposed against mundane situations laid over a blunted bed of dense, sinister beats, distorted loops & erie keys. Listening to the album, it's easy to believe this is a missing link to NYC's indie Rap heyday: The Gravediggaz meet Tricky or Eminem over Doom beats. Shackles Off is the "kongcrete" beast unleashed and expect the world to crumble.
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