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<!--020060606017710-->Kozyndan - 'Lactaid Dreams' [Book]
<!--020060606017710-->Kozyndan - 'Lactaid Dreams' [Book]
<!--020060606017710-->Kozyndan - 'Lactaid Dreams' [Book]
<!--020060606017710-->Kozyndan - 'Lactaid Dreams' [Book]


Lactaid Dreams


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  • Jun 06, 2006
  • 15
  • 8" X 10"
  • 30.1 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Kozyndan
Kozyndan have wanted to make a coloring book for a long time to let people see what they see as they begin to color their pieces. Bunnies, school girls, school MEN, monks, cyclists, extinct robotic animals and a drunk wrestler mingle in black and white world of contour lines and traditional Japan...

From the inside page...
Hello You! Welcome to our coloring book. We have wanted to make one for some time now because we've wanted to see how our work looks before it is painted. It has quite a different feel. Now, you may have some questions like "What's up with the stupid title?" Or "What's up with all the bunnies?" (Don't you dare ask that one.) Or "do all the festival kids represent all your deep-seeded urges to return to the simpler time of your youth?" This is a coloring book, damn-it! It isn't supposed to be analyzed it's supposed to be colored! The only question I should be pondering is "Should I stay in the lines or be a rebel and burst out of them?" and maybe "Do I really want to destroy a perfectly good box of crayons filling in every detail of these silly drawings?" We'll leave that to you to decide. Enjoy.