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KRS-One - 'Adventures In Emceein' [CD]


Adventures In Emceein


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This album is a collection of recent KRS-One recordings chosen to show his complete range subject matters. KRS-ONE is not only "political", "cultural", "satirical" "philosophical" and "introspective" with his lyrics but also has a unique flair for poetry & rhyming that no other rapper has ever come close to. He shies away from the subjects usually used by current rappers, like sex, drugs, pimping & other subjects from the "urban ghettos" and instead attempts to educate the Hip Hop Generation to better there selves. His "preachy" lyrics & his annual lectures at Colleges & Universities have earned him the nickname "The Teacha" but his real name is Lawrence Parker, born in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY in August 1965. He formed Boogie Down Productions after a chance meeting with the late Scott Stirling, better known as DJ Scott La Rock and began to use the name KRS-ONE which he shortened from "Knowledge Reigns Supreme". Their first Album together "Criminal Minded" on B-Boy Records & distributed by Echo-Vista, is now a Classic among all true HipHop fans. Following their string of releases on Jive Records & sometimes as a solo artist on Jive & Koch Records, KRS-ONE recently had a successful release with Marley Marl which is still selling well, both in the United States, Japan & Europe, where he performs on a regular basis and fills clubs & concert halls, wherever he goes, with his loyal & new fans alike. Whether you are a DJ on the Radio or in a Club or just a fan of Rap Music, just lay back, spin this Album and enjoy listening to the Original Godfather of HipHop!!!!
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