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KRS-One - 'Keep Right' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]


Keep Right

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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Man, nobody has been doing it as long as the Blastmaster- not to mention with as much success- so his 9th solo album (don't forget a number of Boogie Down Productions LP's) Keep Right shouldn't come as a surprise. Granted, the Teacher has gone through numerous phases and styles, this 23-track lyrical bombardment combines all of those into one neatly packaged full-length. With production by Soul Supreme and long-time boardmate Domingo ya'll know that the beats are butter. Check vocal guest spots coming from L Da Headtoucha, Akbar, Mad Lion, Supastition, the legendary Afrika Bambaataa, and the turntable tweeking of Q-Bert here and this is an all around piece of musical necessity. In the CD version - their is a nice little prize in the bottom of the box Kris Parker serves you up a poster and DVD complete with live performances spanning the board as well as a musical video for "Illegal Business 2004."
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