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Kuedo - 'Dream Sequence EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Kuedo - 'Dream Sequence EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Kuedo - 'Dream Sequence EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Kuedo - 'Dream Sequence EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]


Dream Sequence EP

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record

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Product Details
  • Mar 16, 2010
  • Electronic
  • 600116826213
  • ZIQ262LP
  • 8.6 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Planet Mu Records
  • Kuedo
Kuedo is the new name for Jamie Vex'd, one half of the legendary dubstep duo Vex'd, whose 2005 album Degenerate rewrote the rulebook. By bringing industrial, techstep, breaks and grime influences to the fore, Degenerate was crucial in establishing the dubstep sound out of the two-step and UK garage scenes. Like Vex'd's work, the music on this EP is for keeps.

Rhythmically abstract beats give opener "Starfox" a lurching bounce, while synthesizers play call-and-response among layers of abstract computer game noise, barely concealing the lush melodies at the track's core. "Shutter Light Girl" rivals Burial's beatless instrumentals' painting imaginary scenarios in a listener's head. On the B-side, "Joy Construction" takes stumbling drums, a jagged sampled chord of female voice, tweaked synths and rolling bleeps through a see-sawing melody. The EP finishes with the charming "Glow" which pits two-step beats against a spiky melodic bassline, marimba and airy female vocals.
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