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Kutmah - 'TROBBB!' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]



Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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The British born, LA-grown and now Berlin-based DJ/producer and forerunner of the so-called "LA Beats" movement - has finished his debut album, which will see a release this year on the imprint that shaped his taste as a teenager.

"Big Dada started the same year I started DJing," he explains. "Not DJing in clubs or making tapes. Literally when I first touched turntables. If you told me in 1997 that I'd be releasing my debut album on a label alongside Saul Williams, Anti-pop Consortium, Abstract Rude, King Geedorah and Roots Manuva I would have laughed!"

"Big Dada has, and continues to be, a vital part of the Ninja Tune family," explain Ninja Tune founders Matt Black and Jon More (Coldcut). "It's an important creative force that champions wild and wonderful music, with roots in Hip-Hop the label has grown to encompass a wide range of experimental artists."

The record hosts a variety of features from the likes of Jeremiah Jae, Zeroh, Zackey Force Funk, N8NOFACE, Ta'Raach & DJ Chris P Cuts, Akello G Light, Jonwayne, Sach and Gonjasufi. "TROBBB!" will be the first release for the label celebrating their 20th year anniversary.
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