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La Lupe - 'Con El Diablo En El Cuerpo' [CD]
La Lupe - 'Con El Diablo En El Cuerpo' [CD]
La Lupe - 'Con El Diablo En El Cuerpo' [CD]
La Lupe - 'Con El Diablo En El Cuerpo' [CD]

La Lupe

Con El Diablo En El Cuerpo



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The Cuban born singer, La Lupe, was the most acclaimed Latin female artist in NY in the 60's. The first recording from the original Latin diva is without question a classic. A must have for all fans and first time listener's, this album is La Lupe at her finest. Contains the perennial favorite "Fever", title track "Con El Diablo En El Cuerpo" and many more.

In the Sixties, there was a fever of all things Latin in NY. At the forefront was Latin music. New sounds were taking over the clubs and airwaves and the epicenter of the action was Musicor Records and United Artist Records. Both labels were bought by West Side Latino in the seventies. Fast forward to 2009 and Codigo Music has recently acquired the beloved catalog of West Side Latino and is now committed to releasing some of the most sought after Latin music ever recorded. The timing is right, just as there is an undercurrent of interest in all things Sixties. This resurgence and the consumer demand is set to coincide with the release of these recordings on the verge of a rebound of the era in the US.
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