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Lamon Manuel & ATD



It's exciting to hear a song identifying, analyzing, and ultimately deriding a thing you that know (or realize during the course of the song) has been fed to you like it's good for you and what you want, when in fact it's not good for you, and it's not what you want. "Skies" (featuring SKECH185 of Tomorrow Kings), the first song from Lamon Manuel and Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser's album Music to Feel Like Shit to, facilitates an initial upswing in adrenaline and anger as you and the maker of the song (and, in this case, cultural critic) bond over your recognition of a common enemy. Then, you feel grateful that someone is looking out for you--that someone is paying attention. The idea of feuds between rappers is one we're all familiar with, which is why I really admire and support the ambition/ newness of a rapper who feuds with the complicated historical social system of rewards and penalties that lead musicians/ artists/ writers/ performers to produce work that's "refashioned to be fastened to a fashion where only the half hearted find purity."