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Large Professor & Neek The Exotic - 'Exotic Species' [CD]

Large Professor & Neek The Exotic

Exotic Species


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While Large Professor is something of a legend among fans of hip hop's Golden Era, and even among old school aficionados, his longtime cohort/collaborator Neek The Exotic has somehow languished on the periphery of Large's legacy, never breaking through. That is about to change.

As one of the MCs on Main Source's hugely influential classic Fakin the Funk, he was poised to share the limelight with other ascendant New York MCs such as Nas, Biggie and Masta Ace. He had a close brush with fame in 1999; his Turn it Out single on Freeze Records would have been followed up by an album on a label that was riding high off another signing - young Jay-Z. Instead, the album saw release and limited distribution and promotion years later on fledgling label Hi-Rise Records.

This sophomore effort, largely produced by his longtime mentor Large Professor, rounded out with production by up and coming young gun Carnage and a classic backpack-era contribution by Tommy Tee, with guests Royal Flush (TVT/Blunt), Fortune (Casino Records), Satchel Page and Large Professor himself, the result is a hard-hitting exhibition of honed rhyme skill over beats by the masters and students of the masters. This is an appropriately real follow up to Large Professor's Main Source album released in 2008, no auto tune, no club bangers, no crossover, but rather a testament to the art of rhyme.
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