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Lars Gullin - 'The Liquid Moves Of Lars Gullin' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Lars Gullin

The Liquid Moves Of Lars Gullin

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record

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  • May 06, 2016
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 882119009453
  • 8.7 oz
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  • Sonorama Records
Previously unknown modern jazz tracks by the legendary Swedish baritone saxophonist, recorded 1959-63 in Europe, featuring icons like Sahib Shihab, Dexter Gordon, Flavio Ambrosetti, Rolf Billberg, Nils Lindberg and others.

Carefully mastered recordings from collectors' archives, ranging from quintet to octet, on limited vinyl LP and 6-page-Digipack-CD, with new liner notes and unpublished photos from European jazz archives. CD and digital album come with bonus tracks from Denmark: three unreleased vocal jam sessions from 1960 featuring bassist Erik Moseholm.

The title of this compilation with previously unknown recordings by Swedish baritone saxophone player Lars Gullin clearly refers to his way of playing and a quote that Chet Baker once made about his European colleague. "I was very impressed by him. He had a very melodic, yes, a liquid way of moving through the changes." The way Lars Gullin played his baritone saxophone was quite unusual: he managed to get a full tone with lightness, sounding elegant and fluent in playing the changes, which is quite uncommon for this cumbersome instrument.

Chet Baker, who had played and recorded with the Gerry Mulligan quartet, was surprised when he heard Gullin...
"The only baritone player that I was aware of was Gerry Mulligan. When I heard Lars, I thought, Jesus, there is another way of playing the baritone! Lars played with a lot more fire and a lot more authority in some ways than Gerry did. Gerry was more of an arranger on his horn than a soloist, although he did play some nice solos from time to time, but I thought that Lars was really strong, a very talented man."
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