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Lecrae - 'Rehab: Overdose' [CD]


Rehab: Overdose


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Around every corner is the lure to consume--a desire to be satisfied. We lose ourselves in money, status, power and whatever else we can get our hands on. But no human being has found anything under the sun that brings lasting satisfaction. So, we consume more and more and more. Eventually, we overdose and death seems imminent. But there is hope! If Christianity is our rehab, in Jesus, satisfaction can be found. Grace, love, peace and hope can be found and there is always more.

Armed with that truth, Lecrae gives us Rehab: The Overdose-the sequel to his fourth album Rehab. While Rehab offers a steady build up to recognition of the need for Christ and the empowerment found in Him, Overdose reverberates with a sound and cadence of one who's been rehabilitated and found ultimate and eternal satisfaction in Jesus. With production from DJ Official, Tony Stone, CheeseBeats and others, Overdose is another installment of sonically evolving music. The album picks up where "Release Date" (from Rehab) left off; "Overdose" booms with declarations reminiscent of the bold, unapologetically Christian sound of past Lecrae projects. What follows is the grungy, chant-laden "More," on which Lecrae pleads for more of Jesus. The album climaxes with the martyr's anthem "Battle Song" ft. Suzy Rock-a valiant proclamation of fearless allegiance to Jesus, even unto death.

Overdose also features collaborations with Thi'sl on "Anger Management" and Canon on "Blow Your High," tracks that attack internal struggles and our need to adopt the mind of Christ in order to overcome them. Lecrae also offers vocals on "Strung Out" and "Like That," lamenting over the effects of loving the world on the former, while pleading for women to not fall victim to the lure of ungodly men on the latter. "Chase That" glides in with a stream of strings that set the stage for an introspective account of chasing personal glory. Fittingly, "The Good Life" ft. J. Paul follows with tales of those lavishing in a fool's paradise unaware that ultimate life and satisfaction are found in Christ alone. Overdose culminates with "Going In" ft. Swoope, which boasts in Christ's finished work on the cross that provides assurance of our final rehabilitation in Heaven.

With Overdose, Lecrae pits the danger of excessive consumption of worldly enticers against continuous consumption of Jesus. One way leads to death, and the other to life. His advice: consume more of Jesus. Overdose.
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