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Lil B - 'Rain In England' [CD]
Lil B - 'Rain In England' [CD]
Lil B - 'Rain In England' [CD]
Lil B - 'Rain In England' [CD]

Lil B

Rain In England


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"Just who is LIL B? The Based God has scored so many Youtube hits and crammed so many full length albums under his belt it can be hard for youngbloods to get a handle on what this rap savant is all about. Is he the internet sensation with a hundred girls on his dick? Or could he be the leading light of a new hip hop underground, one that has finally wrenched itself from the grubby backpacks and the cynicism of the mid 1990s? He's both, and with Rain in England the story gets even more mysterious and far more incomprehensible. Those already up to speed on B's molasses-beats and stream-of-consciousness ('based') flow will think they got him pegged. Internet hype and heavy tunes-battle raps and copious interviews. He's the anti-Drake-all ill-mannered, hungry and mercilessly lo-fidelity, and unafraid to make a beef over Twitter. Rain in England shows an antithesis to this character, a tempered side to his ADD report card. Part new-age ambient and part hip hop, the record is uncharacteristically fluid, with B's singular rhymes falling perfectly into a bed of syrupy electronics. B never falls into the trap of allowing himself to get too abstractedly wordy, yet we always retain the sense that he's not your typical street rapper. He's young, but there are stories to be told, and those stories are heard through the frosted glass of burned synthesizer melodies and disintegrating pads. Singular, disturbing and certain to polarize listeners, Rain In England is an album destined for a new breed of rap fans. Lil B may just be the genre's brightest young hope; what exactly that genre is, only time will tell."-John Twells
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