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<!--2012121855-->Listen Clothing (A Tribe Called Quest) - 'Push It Along' [(Black) Crewneck Sweatshirt]

Listen Clothing (A Tribe Called Quest)

Push It Along


Crewneck Sweatshirt

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I've always been a fan of A Tribe Called Quest. I can remember in the fifth grade bumpin my People's Instinctive Travels & the Paths of Rhythm tape until it didn't work anymore and I had to buy a new cassette. I'll never forget the interlude before the song Push It Along, Jarobi talks about walking down a long winding road and in his path there was a boulder. He explains how he couldn't really go around it or go over it, but that didn't stop him, the tribe asks him "so what'd you have to do?" ... he says "I had to push it along, push it along." That's the inspiration behind the shirt.

As a leader, minister & long time member in the Universal Zulu Nation I wanted to make something Zulu & Hip Hop inspired, but really it was just the positive aspect of push it along to keep it moving you know. I chose to do the shirt with Listen Clothing because of the integrity & truth behind there vision in the apparrel industry in regards to the music. Their mark, in my opinion is a symbol of excellence not only in quality but also in true respect & understanding of music & culture. As a Rastafarian InI always say "forward ever backwards never" everything moves forward and we never go back. That's really the concept of this shirt to keep moving forward in everything you do & no matter what obstacles are in your path don't let them stop you keep on pushing. Push It Along.

King Lastman
Universal Zulu Nation
Minister 710
Calafia Zulus - Southern California

- 100% Cotton.