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Little Vic - 'Each Dawn I Die' [CD]
Little Vic - 'Each Dawn I Die' [CD]
Little Vic - 'Each Dawn I Die' [CD]
Little Vic - 'Each Dawn I Die' [CD]

Little Vic

Each Dawn I Die


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With so many new artists from all over the country crossing the threshold into rap, and a drought of New York based rappers entering the game, Little Vic is crashing onto the scene like a blast of fresh air. Armed with scathing rhymes and smoking beats, Vic sets himself apart with his innovative style, endearing personality and tremendous dedication. Born in New York as Victor John Orena III, Vic assumed the nickname of his grandfather, Little Vic, out of deep respect for his family heritage. Vic became involved with music at a young age, laying tracks in the studio with his Uncle Paulie, Big KO, and his cousin John. John who became DJ John John, now works closely with major music forces such as Shadyville Entertainment and is known on the New York music scene for his explosive mix tapes, often featuring tracks and freestyles from Little Vic. DJ Whoo Kidd, DJ Domination, DJ Woogie, DJ Front and DJ Eclipse have all brought Vic's celebrated lyrical style to the streets on their impressive mix tapes.
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