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Live Human - 'Breakseven Remixes' [CD]
Live Human - 'Breakseven Remixes' [CD]
Live Human - 'Breakseven Remixes' [CD]
Live Human - 'Breakseven Remixes' [CD]

Live Human

Breakseven Remixes


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We made Breakseven originally as a tool for our own use. Quest had long talked about pressing up some "sho wax" that he could use specifically with Livehuman. So we spent a few months in the studio recording bits and pieces of ourselves - with the idea that we would be able to remix ourselves live with what we had on wax.

Once we listened back to it, we got the idea that this record might be useful in the hands of other Djs and producers as well. It's a unique soundbank with it's own distinct pallete.

What would happen if you gave ten DJs in battle the same record? The most interesting thing to us would be the view it might give of the artists' mind at their different levels of craft.

And that's exactly what this record is...

This project has been successful in that each artist has been able to metamorphosize sounds from the same pool and create an independent composition, each with its own distinct color. But the amazing part is how well they all work together - like sections of a giant jigsaw puzzle.

The progression from one piece to the other is like piecing together pages torn from the same book - rebound to create a whole new story.

It's the iron chef of break records. Everybody's cooking with the same ingredients - but everyone's got their own flava.
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