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Living Legends - 'Classic' [CD]

Living Legends



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Murs, Scarub, Luckyiam (a.k.a. PSC), Bicasso (a.k.a. Bizarro), Eligh, Aesop, The Grouch, and Sunspot Jonz are back with another tribute to themselves on Classic. Currently operating out of LA, this eight-man crew provides a refreshing break from today's all-too-serious hip-hop landscape, with comic social commentary such as in the song "Never Falling Down" where they rap, "Screaming: 'Free Kobe' while watching episodes of the O.C." While Eligh, Grouch and Sunspot Jonz all provide assistance on the boards, Madlib also assists, lacing the beat for the blazing track "Blast Your Radio," while DJ Epik, DJ Khalil, Bean One, and Kruse also provide stellar production. Basically this album's 15 tracks are further proof that when these Californian emcees meet up, the outcome can be nothing short of Classic.
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