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Loer Velocity - 'Ready For A Renaissance' [CD]

Loer Velocity

Ready For A Renaissance


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Far from the average knucklehead up on the block, out of New York's Yonkers district, beneath the shade of a single tree stands the cool demeanor of Loer Velocity ...the melodious hush factor! This pugilistic silencer knows just how to compliment a track. The mere sound of his voice illuminates rhythm and brings the listener to his toes. Stripping other MCees of their momentum and bringing silence where there was once chaos. Coming from a background of Mcee battles, club promotions and graff writing, Loe found himself at the heart of a growing scene, sharing the stage with, then, up & coming artists such as Sara Jones, Mos Def, muMs, Talib Kweli, and Saul Williams at venues like The Nuyorican Poets Cafe and S.O.B.'s as early as 1995. Loe has definitely lowered the velocity of those attempting to overstep their boundaries. While finishing his much anticipated debut solo album, he humbly decrees, "...I've been told my style is like the Sunday morning classics."
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