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Lone Catalysts - 'Good Music' [CD]

Lone Catalysts

Good Music


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Lone Catalysts is comprised of J. Sands and J. Rawls (who's also simultaneously releasing his solo album domestically called the "Essence of Soul). "Good Music" has been out for a minute overseas, mainly in Japan, and the album is so good people have been doing the Amazon- Japan translating thing to snatch it up. The album is now being imported stateside, thankfully. The production is top notch throughout the entirety of the album and in all honesty, is one of the better releases of late. If you're looking for some of that laidback type hip-hop you'd expect from these guys, then this is it. You get perfectly chilled out songs like "Once Before" with vocal assistance by Jonell and then they step up the tempo on bangers like "Brothers Keeper". The features on this album read like a who's who of the underground hip-hop scene with the likes of Double K of PUTS Fame, Wordsworth, and Grap Luva for example. An immediate must buy.
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