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<!--120080422009017-->Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - 'Funky Technician' [CD]

Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth

Funky Technician





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It was a simple formula, bring together one of the East Coast's finest rappers with some of the most clever track masters in Hip Hop, then add in a stellar DJ, and the results are bound to be exciting. "Funky Technician" was just that, an excellent album of battle rap with Lord Finesse simultaneously claiming and proving his immense skills over a set of funky backing tracks that used the familiar James Brown blueprint, but delivered it with unobtrusive class and innumerable displays of deft turntable wizardry. DJ Premier, Diamond D, Showbiz, and DJ Mike Smooth himself all contribute classic tracks, meanwhile, Lord Finesse is dropping rhymes to rank with Rakim and Kane. For example, on "Just a Little Something" with a raft of prizewinning multi-syllables: "Now I'm the constabulary, great in vocabulary/I'm no joke, when up against any adversary." Finesse is fresh and imaginative on nearly every line, and invites A.G. (aka Andre the Giant) for a guest spot on "Back to Back Rhyming." There were a lot of great rap records coming out of New York around the turn of the decade, though, and "Funky Technician" never got the attention it deserved. Now after being out of print for years, this masterpiece album is finally re-released in it's full glory and even includes the 12" version of "Baby, You Nasty" (produced by DJ Premier), never before available on CD. This is a must-have for any fan of classic golden-era Hip Hop.
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