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Los Wunder Twins Del Rap - 'Activate' [CD]
Los Wunder Twins Del Rap - 'Activate' [CD]
Los Wunder Twins Del Rap - 'Activate' [CD]
Los Wunder Twins Del Rap - 'Activate' [CD]

Los Wunder Twins Del Rap



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Los Wunder Twins Del Rap are a Boston based Indie Hip Hop super group featuring legendary producer/MC D-Tension and college radio favorite MC Effect. Their new album and DVD "Activate" features Edo G, Gift of Gab, C Rayz Walz and Lenny Lashley of punk rock band Darkbuster. The DVD features 4 music videos and the feature film Cul de sac of Shattered Hopes written and directed by Los Wunder Twins.

Los Wunder Twins del Rap came to be when producer D-Tension, who has crafted beats for Slug of Atmosphere, Mr. Lif, countless TV ads, TV shows and Hollywood films, was hired to produce Effect's fulllength debut album Fine Tuned Tantrum (featuring two number one college radio hits, "Hunger Strikes" featuring Termanology and Krumbsnatcha and "My Kinda Girl"). D-Tension and Effect found that they both had a twisted sense of humor and perspective on modern Hip Hop. Soon they found themselves with an album of hilarious and thought provoking material. The duo went on play shows around the U.S. and found time to shoot a hilarious full-length feature film.
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