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Lost Art - 'Lost Articles: Escape From La La Land' [CD]
Lost Art - 'Lost Articles: Escape From La La Land' [CD]
Lost Art - 'Lost Articles: Escape From La La Land' [CD]
Lost Art - 'Lost Articles: Escape From La La Land' [CD]

Lost Art

Lost Articles: Escape From La La Land


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Gripping vocals, shredding lyrics, and a strangely optimistic melancholy are the meat and potatoes of Lost Art's sophomore effor, Lost Articles: Escape from La La Land. With thick layers of samples and live instrumentation fronted by Technicali's LD, Lost Art is able to combine the smarts of some of the more ego-driven emcees and the heart-felt emotion of an R&B master craftsman. All the while crafting a tightly produced, hook-ladden hip hop album appealing to indie and pop fans alike.

Though, even with a dark, moody atmosphere on DON'T HANG UP, a bit of sunshine cracks through the clouds and promises that tomorrow might, just maybe, be a bit better on KILLEN WITH KINDNESS. And the day after that may find you shaking the dust off and picking yourself right back up on FIND THE STRENGTH. The first single, I GOTTA RHYME, is a statement-of-identity/ state of the art songs, but Lost Art puts it through with obvious heartfelt honesty and on-point percussive delivery that pins a hard consonant to every snare hit- its got a sparks-on-the-rails freestyle momentum (underscored especially by LD's understated beat), but Lost Arts got it plotted down to the punctuation marks, making "Rhyme: a song that doesn't ever give itself enough of a break to get boring. Fans of flaghsip locals like the Visionaries will already find a lot to like about Lost Art- He's got the humor, the humility and the agility that give a good MC something to say.
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