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Luca Stricagnoli - 'What If?' [CD]

Luca Stricagnoli

What If?


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'What if?' is a question that symbolizes the imagination, the curiosity towards a new idea but also the courage of abandoning your comfort zone, the push of trying something different from what you already know, the will of going in a different direction. 'What if?' contains 4 originals, 6 arrangements and a multitude of playing techniques. "The common element that ties all of these pieces together is a period of my life spent searching for new ways to approach the guitar. Sometimes this research brought me to play 5 guitars and a kitchen knife in the same piece, some other times it led me to go back to the roots and be perfectly happy with it: using just 1 guitar, without any effort of putting some technical innovations in the piece. " "I see the arrangements as a way to invent new technical solutions: they are a way not to bend the music to the technique (which could happen in the process of composition of originals, when you could decide how the melody goes based on what's comfortable) but to put the technique at the service of the music instead. The originals, on the other hand, are meant to tell my own stories."
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