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Lucky Dice



Boston rapper Lucky Dice hits the campaign trail for his upcoming debut album, M.O.S.A. (Memoirs of a Starving Artist),' in his stylish new video for standout single Memoirs.

Truth be told, there's not too much of a defining difference between a politician playing the political game and an artist playing the rap game. That makes the visuals for Memoirs all the more gripping, because it's important that people know how arduous the artistic process can be.

And for Dice, that's meant spending nearly two decades growing into his role as a stalwart in his hometown, a journey that he outlines with tenacity and honesty throughout his verses on here. It's all captured by director Xander Z. Hayes (of XZH Visuals), who follows the rapper's trek across Boston and the eventual celebration at his campaign headquarters. It plays out like a clever nod to 1998 film Bulworth' if, you know, the movie itself didn't suck. But that soundtrack tho!