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Lucky Dice

No Message


Boston rappers Lucky Dice and Phinelia are on their bad-guy, Goodfellas-type-sh*t in the cinematic new video for No Message, one of many standout cuts off Dice's recently released debut album, 'M.O.S.A. (Memoirs of a Starving Artist).'

Given the head-nodding production supplied by Jon Glass, it's only right that the video follows the lead with some mafioso vibes and villainous actions. Things appear to start out friendly enough with Dice calling up his crew to pick up the package. But as the video plays and you realize the package is actually their enemy, it becomes pretty clear what's going on.

But even beyond the video's short film-esque presentation, it's really just another opportunity to hear Dice and Phinelia absolutely body Glass's instrumental. The two barely give the beat room to breathesave for some nods to Joe Pesci's Goodfellas characterand sound particularly fired up in the final verse.
  • Mar 29, 2017
  • 3:21
  • Music Videos
  • Beantown Bullies Music
  • MDiesel
  • Phinelia
  • Jon Glass
  • D. Gomez