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Lupe Fiasco

Interview (At Wakestock 2007 - Toronto, Canada - 7/29/07)


A year before Food & Liquor dropped, Lupe Fiasco wandered into the retail store in Boston. At the time, he was virtually unknown to the hip hop world outside of Chicago and he told us he came in, no one recognized him, he chilled for a bit listening to some records and bounced (We're certified assh*les, for not interviewing him then). Now, dude is Lupe Fiasco- in talks to get Pink Floyd on a f*cking record !!! In our backstage interview @ Wakestock in Toronto, Lupe talks about his feelings towards The Pack and accusations of him not knowing how to skate, his upcoming LP; The Cool, and dives into discussion about CRS (Child Rebel Soldier), the supergroup he's launching with Kanye West & Pharrell. When that drops, game over.
  • Oct 09, 2007
  • 05:59
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