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Lushlife - 'Cassette City' [CD]
Lushlife - 'Cassette City' [CD]
Lushlife - 'Cassette City' [CD]
Lushlife - 'Cassette City' [CD]


Cassette City


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Lushlife doesn't share your 'hip-hop is dead' sentiment. Maybe because he's listened to 'illmatic' so many times lately that the record has been reduced to dust; but more likely because the last decade or so has been a series of grand obsessions over his own output. Since the early nineties, lush has honed his craft with an almost monastic drive. His pre-teen years being spent hovering over turntables for hours a day, perfecting a precocious mixing and scratching style that spanned a wide array of genres and would later become emblematic of new york city's downtown dj culture. True to classic hip-hop progression, as a teenager in the mid-to-late nineties, lushlife flowered from downtown new york record selector to prodigious producer and beat-smith. His early instrumental work covered at least as much ground as his dj sets, deftly shifting between genres as singular as downtempo, house, hip-hop and doo-wop.

Lush's sizeable musical reach is as much a byproduct of the lessons learned train-wrecking beats for eager audiences, as it is a result of a strict and formal musical education. He has 13 years of classical piano training, having studied from the age of 5, along with an intense 7 year course in jazz kit drumming. Along the way he's arranged for jazz combos and performed on street-corners, at manhattan's prestigious steinway hall and everywhere in between. Lush went on to study music at university, where after a year spent crestfallen and destroyed, he got out of bed to turn hip-hop out.

His first full-length, which lush thinks of as his 'teenage symphony to hip-hop,' blurs our sense of time by evoking emotions that we tie to hip-hop's past whilst making a small step towards hip-hop's future. Written, produced, and performed entirely by the artist himself, 'order of operations' reveals lushlife's optimistic vision of hip-hop.

Listen up and you might put on the rose-coloured glasses too.
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