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Lyrical C - 'Corporate Ameri3ka' [CD]

Lyrical C

Corporate Ameri3ka


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With a blend of real life struggles fused with street poetry, Lyrical C presents CORPORATE AMERI3KA. Known for his work with artists such as Kool Keith, les Nubians, O.C (D.I.T.C), Motion Man, Sway & King Tech (Wake Up Show) & KutMastaKurt (Linkin Park, Beastie Boys), Lyrical C has established himself as one of the most talented Hip-Hop artists coming from the West Coast. Lyrical C, grown up in Oakland, CA, has teamed up with super producers JUNKAZ LOU (Kool Keith, Ice T, RZA, Tim Dog) and LARRY HUTCH (O.C) to form what is being called an instant classic. CORPORATE AMERI3KA includes hot collaborations with: O.C, MR SCHE, FIRST BORN & IMO (GRAND COMITY), MARC LIVE, Bay Area's MOTION MAN & MARCEL. Fans of Dilated People, Planet Asia, Rasco, Kool Keith, Del (Hieroglyphics), Dead Prez, Public Enemy or Paris will just love it. Feat. The Hit songs "Never Change" & "Bionic".
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