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Maintenance Crew - 'Plain & Simple' [CD]
Maintenance Crew - 'Plain & Simple' [CD]
Maintenance Crew - 'Plain & Simple' [CD]
Maintenance Crew - 'Plain & Simple' [CD]

Maintenance Crew

Plain & Simple


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Maintenance Crew is made up of Chantalism and Ubiquity, to emcee/producers who have developed a unique sound for their distinct style of hip hop. Maintenance Crew started with influences like A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, and Common, but pushed their sound further to incorporate spoken word and jazz. The foundation of their intricate and engaging beats stems from their constant digging for the most interesting vinyl they can find. With two distinct, yet perfectly paired voices, Chantalism and Ubiquity trade lines and verses seamlessly with lyrics ranging from political and personal stories of Chicago life to more abstract beat poetry. Since 2003, they have self-released two albums, Eternal Sunshine of the Simple Mind and Simple is the Way It's Spooken, selling hundreds of copies of each through DIY shows. To add an interesting twist to their live shows, they've joined up with the McDonaldize Society Trio; a drummer, bassist , and guitarist who take on the task of recreating the intricate album samples onstage with a charged, undeniable punk energy. It's been described as 'Gym Class Heroes with good MCs' or 'If The Roots musicians were self-taught punkers.'

Maintenance Crew is back with their third installment and the most important album of the year, Plain & Simple. The new disc contains over twenty tracks with Chantalism & Ubiquity trading words for words. Plain & Simple is a self produced album with guest production from avant-garde beat makers such as Fluent (Green Llamas), DJ Monky (Green Llamas), Visto (Localkats) and Ryuto. The album also bringstogether the collaboration of the hottest tongues in Chicago hip hop, with guest spots from Decay (Molemen), Astonish (Molemen), Selfish (Green Llamas) and the McDonaldize Society Trio.
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