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Malik Adbul-Rahmaan & Chris Hound - 'Ethiopian Melodies' [Cassette Tape]

Malik Adbul-Rahmaan & Chris Hound

Ethiopian Melodies

Cassette Tape

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"One of Ethiopia's greatest innovations, Ethiopian Jazz, termed "Ethiojazz," is a unique fusion of traditional Ethiopian music with jazz, Afrofunk, soul, and Latin rhythms. Marked by eerie and ancient-sounding tones, typical of traditional Ethiopian music, Ethio-jazz also displays the sensual undertones of soulful jazz." - Lilian Diarra

A sensational collection of gems bless this 65 minute cassette. Malik Abdul Rahmaan and Paxico Records label head Chris Hound's offering is a glimpse at one Ethiopian Restaurant in New York they had eaten many a meal.

The cassette flows with seamless dusty transitions and features an unprecedented amount of pleasant vibes within. From the jump this cassette delivers.
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