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Mammox - 'MAMMOX' [CD]
Mammox - 'MAMMOX' [CD]
Mammox - 'MAMMOX' [CD]
Mammox - 'MAMMOX' [CD]




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Product Details
Psychedelevator is proud to announce our first printed CD release! Over a year in the making, the debut release by MAMMOX is now available!

MAMMOX is a 16 track musical exploration through a surrealist glitch-hop universe, immersing listeners between a dichotomy of the sublime and the insane. While skirting the border of hip-hop, electronica, and free-jazz idioms, MAMMOX is the crusty sediment that falls between the tectonic plates of classification; waiting to erupt over the surface of the new music scene. MAMMOX is low-fi. MAMMOX is hi-fi. MAMMOX makes other music obsolete.
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