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Mantronix - 'Mantronix (Deluxe Edition)' [CD [2CD]]


Mantronix (Deluxe Edition)

CD [2CD]

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In the mid to late 80s, Mantronix defined the new sound of electro-funk. DJ Kurtis Mantronik and rapper MC Tee used a polyrhythmic style similar to West African log drumming, but instead of acoustic drums, the rhythm would be carried by the combination of electronic drums, synthesizer, vocoder and/or synthesized voice over a bass line completely played on the synth. No samples of James Brown here. This was truly electronic music: sparse, funky and immensely danceable, a homage and simultaneous extension of old-school Hip Hop's electronic template that had started with "Planet Rock" in 1982. The feeling of Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Kraftwerk and Neu all combined in Mantronik's music. It was a neat tie between old-school and new jack, and Mantronix had the field to themselves. Skip ahead more than 20 years; Traffic Entertainment along with Warlock and Sleeping Bag Records, have joined forces to bring you this amazing deluxe reissue, packed to the brim with rare and unreleased tracks. The folks at Traffic have taken the time to dig up the original multi-tracks to provide you with such previously unreleased gems as "Needle to the Groove" (Alternate A Capella), and a capellas for "Get Stupid 'Fresh' Pt. 1" and "Fresh is the Word". In addition, there's two live tracks recorded in 1988, multiple instrumentals, along with the 12" and Dub Versions for "Needle to the Groove" and "Fresh is the Word". This must-have double CD is packaged in a deluxe digipack and includes extensive liner notes.
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