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Marlon Sassy - 'Gangster Doodles' [Book]

Marlon Sassy

Gangster Doodles


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  • Nov 03, 2017
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Gangster Doodles Book is a 336 page collection of drawings from the past 3 years. Featuring rappers, ballers, players, thugs and gangsters.

"Four years ago, a Post-it note changed Marlon Sassy's life. Using the supply cabinet at his office manager job, Sassy started drawing 3×3 doodles of rappers using Sharpies and posting them on Tumblr. First up was Snoop. Next was everyone from Bart Simpson and Biggie to Yams and Yeezy. Sassy's compiled his Gangster Doodles into a 48-page zine in 2014. Now, he's self-published a new iteration, a 336-page hardcover book with 24 foil inserts and a foreword by Stones Throw's art and web director Jeff Jank. There's also an intro by actor Shia LaBeouf, who has five or six of Sassy's doodles tattooed on his legs. In it, LaBeouf writes, "I hope you're alone in a room, and that every page makes you smile like a fucking clown." - Mass Appeal