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Max B - 'Vigilante Season' [CD]
Max B - 'Vigilante Season' [CD]
Max B - 'Vigilante Season' [CD]
Max B - 'Vigilante Season' [CD]

Max B

Vigilante Season


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In June 2009 just after putting the finishing touches on "Vigilante Season" Max went on trial for the 2007 conspiracy charges and was found guilty and sentenced to 75 years in prison. He is currently working on an appeal. In March 2010 Amalgam won a court case against Jim Jones allowing Max's debut album to finally be heard by the world. VIGILANTE SEASON is Max B's long awaited and highly anticipated DEBUT album produced by multi platinum producer DAME GREASE (DMX, Jay Z, Nas, Snoop, Jadakiss) Young Los (Byrd Gang, French Montana) and Whitey (Curren$y) and Features Amalgam artist Young Riot and Gain Greene member Al Pac.
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