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Maxilla Blue - 'Maxilla Blue' [CD]

Maxilla Blue

Maxilla Blue


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Hailing from a land full of rocks, pebbles, and dirt, Maxilla Blue has been left to their own interpretation of music and what it should be, and invites all listeners to do the same. After years of working independently of each other, building within their hometown of Des Moines, IA the members have come together to continue the invisible struggle/ Consisting of the Mic Control of Asphate Woodhavet, Aeon Grey's production and the vinyl finesse of DJ TouchNice, the group is known for occasionally employing hypnosis on audiences, through means of melodic, vertebrae-damaging instrumentals as well as intense vocal illustration of both the world we live in, and that which is hidden to the unseeing eye.

Provoke through. Create. Express.
Rocks... Pebbles... And Dirt...
That is the balance created by what is Maxilla Blue
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