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MC Shan - 'Born To Be Wild (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]
MC Shan - 'Born To Be Wild (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]
MC Shan - 'Born To Be Wild (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]
MC Shan - 'Born To Be Wild (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]

MC Shan

Born To Be Wild (Deluxe Edition)



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From the coveted back catalog of Cold Chillin Records, Traffic Entertainment Group brings to you the newly remastered deluxe edition of MC Shan's Born To Be Wild. Previously available in CD format for only a short time over twenty years ago, the legendary Queensbridge emcee's sophomore masterpiece is finally getting the re-release treatment it deserves. Produced entirely by engineer all-star Marley Marl, Born To Be Wild is a stunning effort from 1988, when many Hip Hop afficionado's consider to be the genre's most outstanding year. With the involvement of Cold Chillin's CEO and founder Tyrone "Fly Ty" Williams, original album photographer George DuBose and Shan himself, this expanded edition of Born to be Wild includes additional never-before-seen artwork as well as music previously unavailable on CD, all meticulously restored to create the ultimate listening experience. In the accompanying liner notes written with MC Shan's input, the artist takes us on a trip down memory lane...

"At that time we were saying we had the 'dirty basement' sound, and people fell for it, but it wasn't really a 'sound' at all! We were just doing whatever we was doing with the bullshit equipment we had and people fell for it! Marley had his little box sampler with all them sliders on it, you know. But by Born To Be Wild, them big ass 48-track boards moved into Marley's house. The budgets came in and Cold Chillin' made us our own studio."

It is with great honor that Traffic Entertainment Group presents the fully restored and expanded version of MC Shan's Born To Be Wild.
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